Labrador Retrievers

Conformation, Field, Agility, Obed/Rally, Barn Hunt, Therapy dog and more...

Window Decal can be personalized also. $16 for 9", just dog no ribbon $12.

7" no ribbon $8. If you need larger, let me know, I can quote a price.

9" Car magnet with ribbon

Comes in Yellow, Chocolate and Black.

Ribbons Sparkly BOB, BIS, Group 1 and Blue. Can do all Green for Obed. also.

All $18, except BIS $20


9" Car magnet with ribbon in Rectangle border. Can be personalized with Kennel name or other text. $24. The 12" size is $34 and up. 14" size is $40.

Oval Car Magnet 9" Can be personalized. $18 as is, $24 w/Name.

Oval Car Magnet sizes 7", 9", 12", and 14". One color, simple silhouette.

9" Car Magnet Field Scene in Rec. Border. Can add Kennel name at the top. $18 as is, $24 with name.

Fancy Cattail Field Scene Black/White Magnet.

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